What can be done to avoid vFailure?

With the expanding and deeply integrated portfolio of VMware, upgrades can be tricky. With a one-day on-site visit, ITQ will execute an upgrade health check of your current environment. This will give us insight into risks and complexity that might come up during the upgrade. After that, we will discuss your roadmap and update planning.

ITQ can offer the vSphere Upgrade Check-up Service for a fixed-fee of €3.650,-.

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vSphere is at the heart of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and is the fundamental building block for your data center or private and/or hybrid cloud environment. With the VMware product portfolio expanding with deeply integrated solutions, life cycle management becomes more and more challenging, but also of increasing importance for maintaining a sustainable and future-ready IT environment.

What could go wrong if you don’t upgrade?

There are a couple of risks you take with not upgrading your environment before September 19th, 2018 if you run vSphere 5.5 or lower:

  • No more support from VMware Global Support Services (GSS)
    Support from VMware can be refused if the problem might be related to vSphere. Even when the submitted case is for a different (still supported version of a) VMware product, chances are the issue is related to vSphere and the support case is refused.
  • Bios and/or firmware updates might not be compatible anymore
    Hardware vendors take into consideration that you’re running a supported vSphere version. This means that all new updates do not support vSphere 5.5 or lower. This causes that the rest of your environment is running out of support more quickly.
  • New hardware is incompatible running vSphere 5.5 or lower
    If you are thinking of ordering new hardware, take into consideration that this hardware might not support vSphere 5.5 or lower anymore. This means you cannot add them to your VMware clusters and have a completely different environment.
  • No more security updates
    For example, take the recent Spectre and Meltdown issue’s. Updates preventing you from being vulnerable cannot be installed.

What do I get?

At the end of the engagement, ITQ will deliver a report in which we bring insight into the complexity of the upgrade, the potential risks we see and advice for the preparation and the upgrade itself. In this conclusion, we take into consideration what the roadmap for the environment is. In the end, ITQ gives insight on how many work it is to upgrade the virtual environment.

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26 March 2018