Do you identify yourself with one of the following job titles?

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud-Native Consultant
  • Cloud-Native Engineer
  • Kubernetes and DevOps Engineer
  • AppOps Engineer with focus on Kubernetes
  • Platform Engineer
  • Platform/DevOps Engineer
  • SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)
  • DevOps something, something…

Nope, we don’t know what to call it either 😉 But if you recognize yourself in any of these titles anyway, you might be the one we are looking for!

Our customers are starting to adopt cloud-native and more agile ways of creating software and services. To achieve this, they require the right tools and platforms, but also the right mindset, to make the cultural changes needed to adopt ‘modern-application’ practices. And for this, we need your help!

ITQ helps our customers to develop and iterate faster, to support their infrastructure teams in the deployment of Kubernetes and related services and to create platform teams, all in order to get the maximum value from a cloud-native way of thinking and working.  We use any and all public-cloud services or the VMware Tanzu portfolio.

We are looking for passionate and experienced platform and DevOps engineers, to help us, and our customers on this journey.

Does that sound like a challenge you would like to take on? Let’s have a chat.

We are one, we are ITQ!

Are you ready to play Champions League IT?


  • Familiarity with infrastructure (Compute, Network, Storage, Cloud Management). Ideally experience with VMware infrastructure and/or one of the hyperscale cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP) infrastructure portfolios.
  • Expert level knowledge of operating systems; Some skill in writing Bash or PowerShell.
  • Familiarity with developer experience tooling (Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Tanzu Application Platform) is considered a bonus.
  • Familiarity with the concept of infrastructure as code and knowledge and some experience with automation and orchestration tools (i.e., Puppet, Ansible, Terraform).
  • A working knowledge of Kubernetes (K8s) and knowledge of the use of k8s by developers and how complex application architectures are deployed, managed and lifecycled in Kubernetes. Certification is not a must, but the ambition to attain the CKA and CKAD certifications are required.
  • You are familiar with the Open-Source community, especially the CNCF landscape of projects such as Kubernetes itself and the projects typically associated with k8s, such as networking tools for overlay, ingress and load-balancing. Experience with Avi (NSX-ALB) is a bonus.
  • You have an understanding and some practical experience with Kubernetes yaml-management/overlay technologies such as Helm, Kustomize and the VMware Carvel Toolset.
  • Knowledge of and experience with source control, container registries (Nexus, Harbor) and continuous integration/delivery tools (i.e., Jenkins, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Concourse CI, Tekton, Flux, ArgoCD, Github Actions, etc), and how these are used in modern application-deployment and testing pipelines.
  • Familiarity with one or more programming languages (C#, Java, Go, Javascript, Python) and frameworks (.NET, JVM, NodeJS, Spring): at least enough to understand developers, and possibly write some code yourself.

Required skills

  • Studies in the field of computer science, IT specialist or comparable training;
  • Several years of IT experience in different business environments; Ideally customer facing environments;
  • Enthusiasm for new technologies and innovations;
  • Good social, consulting and communication skills. You are comfortable in presenting for small audiences;
  • Ideally, you enjoy participating in the community: writing blogs, participating in councils, public speaking;
  • Proficient in French and English.
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We offer awesome perks

  • Attractive salary package
  • Possibility to work from home
  • Annual budget for personal training and certification
  • Drive your own development and build a thriving career
  • Great network of renowned experts
  • You are part of the ITQ Family and enjoy the real #ITQlife
  • Your own Avatar!

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Tom Strategy Officer
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#1 Introduction

We’ll arrange meetings so you and our experts can get to know each other better. You’ll speak with the head of department, an ITQ founder, the HR department, and someone from your team. We’ve learned that Microsoft Teams or Zoom is great for all this, but real-life meetings are even better. We’ll happily discuss all this with you during the introduction.

#2 Employment terms

If both you and we are fully convinced—following our introductory meetings—that we can work together successfully, we’ll get in touch to discuss employment terms. It’s important for us to agree everything before you get started. We’ll go through our proposal with you and make sure everything is clear.

#3 Contract signing

Signing your contract after agreeing employment terms is always an exciting moment. We’ve fully digitized this process—someone from HR will contact you to explain it, so you know exactly what to do every step of the way. This has the great advantage that we can act quickly once everything has been agreed, with digital documentation for added security.

#4 Onboarding

Then it’s time to welcome you into the ITQ family. Onboarding at ITQ consists of various stages, and actually starts in the Introduction—getting to know each other during the recruitment stage. We stay in regular contact after you’ve signed the contract but not started yet, and try to answer any questions as best as we can. Then there’s an induction program ready for you in your first working week, to help you get to know ITQ and your new colleagues.

Employment terms
Contract signing