We protect Apps and Data by leveraging the infrastructure. With VMware Carbon Black Cloud, we protect endpoints, identities, workloads, clouds and network infrastructures. Security is no longer bolted on and siloed but intrinsically part of the platform.

VMware Software-Defined Networking in data centers, in the cloud, at the edge and across both traditional and modern workloads allows us to completely transform the way our customers implement and use networking and security services. By moving the intelligence into the software layer, we uncouple the underlying hardware infrastructure and deliver flexibility and consistency across clouds, data centers and containerized workloads.

Cybersecurity threats are increasingly challenging to businesses across the globe. This has resulted in security being a strategic theme for most companies. Unfortunately, the way we design and implement security across our IT landscapes is fundamentally broken today. It is bolted-on using too many products, it is siloed and misaligned across multiple teams and it is threat-centric with a reactive approach focusing mainly on previous threats.

To protect your business, security must be transformed into Built-in, Unified and Context-centric. Intrinsic security is VMware’s differentiated approach to security that delivers security built-in to your infrastructure, security tools and teams working together and understanding what you need to protect. This allows customers to stop chasing the bad, and start protecting the good. Intrinsic Security delivers security controls to protect the strategic components of today’s enterprise environment, ensuring your Apps and Data are safely protected.

Endpoint / Workload Security
Delivering advanced capabilities for endpoints and workloads: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), visibility to identify risk and hardening based on behavior and intent.
Network Security
Software-defined security services: firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), and Web Application Firewall (WAF) ; fully distributed for East/West traffic in data centers, clouds, and the edge.
Workspace Security
Modern management and EDR capabilities for a Zero Trust approach to endpoint security while providing an exceptional user experience.
Cloud Security
Ability to detect security misconfigurations, monitor compliance and scale best practices to teams using public cloud infrastructure providers.

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