We helped The Dutch Cancer Institute to modernize its infrastructure and workplace solutions, to help it make more progress in cancer research.

ITQ helped AVL NKI to upgrade its legacy data center to a modern software-defined data center – allowing it to maximize resources, undertake more complex processing for research and modernize its workplace solution for employees more easily. All to make sure cancer research never sleeps.

We introduced a new digital workspace to allow researchers and hospital staff to log into virtual workspaces from any convenient location or device to perform their daily work (Tap & Go). We also introduced automation to reduce administrative tasks.

With the digital workspace using up a large part of the institute’s compute capacity in the day, other high-capacity processing (such as running complex research processing software) was done at night to maximize both availability and costs.

Key outcome

This project resulted in the fact cancer research can now be undertaken faster!

Thom Vessies, Sales Manager at ITQ, about the collaboration with The Dutch Cancer Institute:

“What I like about the collaboration with The Dutch Cancer Institute is that we have been involved in the transformation from the start of the program. In this position – in the brainstorming phase, during the strategy development – our long history as IT consultants comes in handy.”

“By thinking along from the development of the vision to the rationalization of their application landscape and the design of the workplace, we have been able to build a workplace that really meets the needs of the organization. And to roll it out in such a way that the users really benefit from it; we aim for happy end users and a happy management organization.”

Applied technology

  • VVD
  • vSphere
  • vSAN
  • NSX
  • vRA
  • vRO
  • vROPS
  • vRLI
  • vRB
  • Horizon
  • AppVolumes
  • UEM
  • DEM
  • IDM
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