Now you can free your IT services from complex, inflexible specialized hardware. Sounds too good to be true? We’re happy to say it’s not. With Cloud-era infrastructure you get high SLAs, seamless operations and lower costs.

Software-Defined Data Center makes perfect business sense

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a phenomenal piece of IT. It brings together unbelievable performance with exceptional flexibility, giving you the freedom to adapt to whatever business throws your way. It makes everything virtualized, the server, storage and networking as well. For our clients, this means an enticing array of benefits such as more availability, lower costs, unlimited scalability, greater speed in developing applications and importantly, realigning the infrastructure to fit with their needs.

The power of automation

The driving power that lies at the heart of SDDC is automation. This keeps the infrastructure manageable, even at a large scale. Everything happens at incredible speed with changes happening with the minimum of human involvement. We believe this is the only way infrastructure can keep pace with changing demands. Added to all this SDDC also protects your investment in legacy hardware, which doesn’t need to be discarded, just virtualized.

Get future-ready

In short, the SDDC is designed as the bridge between your past and your future, and is simply the best data center architecture around for any future-forward IT organization. Ready to handle any workload, anywhere, it’ll run new and existing applications, across multiple platforms and Clouds, with instant delivery on desktop or mobile. From every angle, SDDC makes perfect business sense. As you can tell, we’re a bit of a fan.

A high level of automation keeps the infrastructure manageable, even at large scale.

Fully Virtualized infrastructure

Virtualization lies at the heart of a software data center. By virtualizing every layer it makes it possible to encapsulate every infrastructure component in software. This isn’t restricted to just servers, but also the traditional stacks of storage and networking as well. This frees the hardware to be put to different, multiple uses.

Fully Automated Infrastructure

The ever-growing scale of IT creates the need to automate day-to-day tasks – and SDDC answers that need with ease. By utilizing the pure power of the SDDC, we can help deliver a highly automated solution built using vRealize Automation. The policy framework and extensibility options mean you can deliver almost anything as a service.

Fully Secured Infrastructure

In the past security is applied to the physical infrastructure. In contrast, SDDC offers security features without this by using VMware NSX. This enables firewalling and policy enforcement for every workload – regardless of its complexity. The benefits for which our team could talk for hours about.

Fully Managed Infrastructure

Everything can be fully managed right out of the box through easy-to-use dashboards. With vRealize Operations on hand, administrators get full control over performance, capacity, and configuration management. You can even gain insight into the health of the SDDC and test what-if capacity planning to gain an edge.


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