With our Application Modernization Solution, we ensure that your DevOps team develops even better applications more effectively and flexibly.

An idea in the morning and a quality application in production in the afternoon

Happy developers ensure happy clients. Therefore, adopting Kubernetes will simplify the development process of your applications. Developers can enroll infrastructure components themselves (i.e. loadbalancers) without intervention if the IT department. You raise your team’s productivity by enabling your dev’s to move apps easy and reliable from Dev to Prod.

Do you want to use Kubernetes in your organization? Or are you looking for a robust container platform, that provides maximum support for the productivity of your DevOps team? ITQ is happy to help you through this step.


Partner in technology and implementation

You don’t have to worry about the implementation at all. We support you in this too. With ITQ as your technical business partner, you are never truly alone. Whatever challenges cross your path, we have the tools and knowledge in house to help you overcome them.

Multi-cloud container platform

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Prevent vendor lock-in
  • Start quickly with containerization
  • Automate your IT and network infrastructure for cost-efficiency
  • Build, Run & Manage all your applications, while we ensure a solid container platform

Cloud native app development

  • Build and roll out your applications more quickly
  • Better developer productivity
  • Use our best practices for your applications
  • Increase your organization’s power of innovation


Do you want to speed up your development process in order to be even more productive and innovative? Then contact us without obligation.

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VP Cloud Native

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