Arnaud Gandibleux

Virtualization Consultant

Hello, I’m Arnaud Gandibleux. I’m a young Virtualization Consultant at ITQ. Since the start of my IT career I was a true believer of virtualization.
Virtualization is key in modern IT. I had the privilege to work on a great SD-WAN project in Belgium, but my hunger for more knowledge of virtualization was not satisfied. That’s how I got started working with the VMware technology stack.
Working in team and with new technologies is no problem for me. I can be very adaptable and I’m strong in learning new things. At any moment, I want to improve my skills and knowledge.

Besides technology, gaming and sports (especially judo) are my favorite pastimes. Since the age of 5 I started practicing judo. This made me the person who I’m now, a persevering and competitive person.